Key Largo Lighthouse Shut Down?

Key Largo Lighthouse Shut Down?

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Is the Key Largo Lighthouse Going to Shut Down?

Will the Key Largo Lighthouse Shut Down?? The very popular Destination Wedding Venue, The Key Largo Lighthouse, has apparently won it’s battle against the County to continue to book weddings at it’s venue. 

For now, it seems the Key Largo Lighthouse has found a loophole in the local law for allowing a private house to operate as a commercial business. 

This comes off as A huge success to those who work in the industry as wedding vendors. Or to others who operate as a vacation rental that does Destination Weddings

The big question remains with local representatives and county officials, is how long will it last?  

The Key Largo Lighthouse

The Key Largo Lighthouse is a popular Beach Wedding Venue in the Florida Keys. Known for it’s powerhouse of doing 2 weddings a week, at 2 different locations, Coral Beach and Hidden Beach. 

Ordered Shut Down on February 2018

In February of 2018, the county brought fourth a code compliance and opened a case against the Key Largo Lighthouse, stating that the Beach House Wedding Venue operated as a commercial wedding venue in a prohibited residential zone. 

This all started to snowball back in 2014. When the Lighthouse had been doing 2 weddings a week. Local neighbors would call and complain about noise and how it is ongoing everyday. 

Neighbors Chime in on the Key Largo Lighthouse Shut Down situation

Neighbors also stated how this was a lifetime sentence to loud music and disturbing noise in what was supposed to be their retirement home. 

However, some neighbors we’re a little more sympathetic, stating that the Lighthouse created and sustained wedding vendors for people that live in the Florida Keys. 

Additional Requests Denied

In February of 2019, the judge then denied the continuation of booking weddings at the Key Largo Lighthouse and would be subject to a $15,000 fine. 

On September of 2019,  The Key Largo Lighthouse’s third request to continue to book weddings was also shut down. 

Victory for Local Wedding Venue

On November 7th, of 2019. A local judge ordered the appealing to be Quashed, stating that the Key Largo Lighthouse was to remain booking weddings under the vacation rental license.  

This is a huge Victory for local houses and vacation rentals who want to book weddings at their private beach houses

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