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How to have a Beach House Wedding in Florida

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How to have a Beach House Wedding in Florida.

Let’s get right to it. You’re searching and browsing the web looking for that perfect wedding venue and you stumble across a beach house that has done some weddings in the past and you’re curious on How to have a Beach House Wedding in Florida

After fumbling and stumbling through all of the different Wedding Venue Options, Resorts, Barns, Country Clubs, Farms, Churches, Chapels, Cottages, and whatever else label to hit you with, you stumble across a Beautiful Beach House that has the option to do your wedding there. 

Almost every couple that we encounter, their first thought is How to have a Beach House Wedding in Florida. A Beach House Wedding is one of sheer anxiety. Especially if you are doing a destination wedding. The thought of building a complete wedding from the ground up, a blank canvas so to speak, can be somewhat terrifying. 

Not Only is it possible to have a Beach House Wedding, It most likely is more affordable!

Weighing the Cost!

Beach House Wedding Venue

I think this topic is the one that most couples sit down and talk about. How much is a Beach House Wedding going to cost us? 

First and Foremost, We need to understand that there is someone who owns this wedding venue, they want to make money off of the property, and it is a beautiful destination. They are interested in getting paid for the property. They usually could care less about which vendors you may hire and why.  

This is a great thing for you! You now have the option and the opportunity to bring in all of your own wedding vendors or use an all inclusive wedding package.  

While some resorts, barns, country clubs, or whatever other venues we listed above, charge a reasonably small site fee, the house is going to be a larger chunk of your budget right off the bat. However, it does include the accommodations for “X” amount of time that you are staying there. 

After the house cost, you are free to plan accordingly. While most other types of venues will charge for per person for Catering, Bar, rentals, and more. You can find much less options based on the competition in your area. 

Who typically does a Beach House Wedding?

How to have a Beach House Wedding in Florida can also bring the question of “Is this right for us?” Beach House Weddings can range. We have seen 25 person weddings to 250 person weddings at a beach house. 

The idea and the concept is still the same. We are renting out a private wedding venue, going to bring in rentals, food, and beverage, and have the funnest time of our life. 

How to Have a Beach House Wedding

How to have a Beach House Wedding in Florida

This is where it gets fun and differs ourself from the usual cookie cutter wedding that we all tend to see. 

With almost all of our beach house wedding venues, there are Three Options to really choose from. We can have a Midweek Wedding, A Weekend Wedding, or a Week Long Extravaganza! 

  • Weekend Stays
  • Midweek Stays
  • Week Long Stays

Midweek Wedding

Perfect for those that maybe budgeting. Midweek Weddings offer incredible discounts for the same exact wedding that you would have on a Saturday! Most Destination Wedding Venues Require a 2 night minimum rental for the midweek.  Still more than plenty of time compared to a 4 hour Wedding you would try to have at most resorts. 

Weekend Wedding

The most common is our Weekend Wedding Options. A Destination Wedding having your guests come down and enjoy the Florida Beaches and atmosphere. This weekend will be remembered for a lifetime! Most require a 3 Night Weekend with tons of time for rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, brunch, and all sorts of excursions in between.

Week Long Stay

The Good thing about the week long options that we offer, is that it’s really only just you and your closest guests, or maybe even after a couple days, just you and your newly wed! Most week long options are private estates that sleep 14-16 guests. While your guests stay for the weekend, they will usually leave, and having you and your fiance for the remainder of the week to indulge in luxury!

Why you have a beach house wedding

Beach House Weddings

So we covered that having a Destination Wedding is doable, lets focus and why and who chooses to have a Destination Wedding! 

Family & Friends

If it isn’t obvious! Family and Friends will be attending the wedding. How awesome for those loved ones to come and spend your wedding day with you in a tropical caribbean paradise. A wedding that your guests will talk about for a lifetime! 

Weather & Activities

Your guests are dying for a reason to get out of town! Invite them on the trip of the century with fishing, boating, and diving activities. The weather is always warm and inviting. Unlike the mainland, our South Florida Destination Wedding Venues rarely see much rain here in the Florida Keys. Most Wedding Venues come included with paddle boards and kayaks. 

Caribbean Destination without the passport

One of the best things about our venues. Is that we are still located in the United States. No passport is required and most of all of our venues are conveniently located less than a 1 hour drive from the airport. Arrive, unpack, and party! 

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