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Florida Keys Closed Until June

So as the Title Says, The Board of County Commissioners for Monroe County and the Florida Keys, has stated that the Florida Keys will be  Closed Until June 1st.

If you are unaware, the Florida Keys is  currently upholding a mandatory checkpoint on both roads, Cardsound and US1. All visitors must present a photo ID or proof of residency to enter. 

Being that we are one of the very few Counties in the Country to have a checkpoint to allow access, it is no surprise that our County Commissioners decided to keep the Florida Keys closed until June 1st. 

What Does This Mean for your Wedding Plans?

If you are one of many who decided to reschedule or cancel your wedding in the Florida Keys due to the Covid – 19 virus, then I doubt this is impacting you since you have most likely already decided to switch plans around.  Although we did have around 5 couples who had to, once again, push back their Wedding Date that was scheduled for May. 

As of right now, I wouldn’t bank on having a Wedding in the Florida Keys for May or June. We have to think that the County is going to have to reopen at some point however. Alot of people are speculating that June will bring in a “Soft Opening” and start opening up local businesses before allowing outside residents to come in. 

Moving Forward and the Foreseeable Future

As of right now, nobody should be booking or accepting bookings for May or June. We are taking bookings for July and the Summer Months but only for our Elopement Packages. 

We are going to speculate that “Social Distancing” is probably going to remain for the most part of the year and that we will continue to do very small wedding packages for the Fall. 

Contact is Key! Since we are all stepping into the same direction of the unknown, we truly don’t know what the future holds. The best thing is to remain calm and continue to follow the updates of what the County is allowing. 

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