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The Wedding Checklist

Top Ten Must Check List Items

We have toured with countless brides, we have managed wedding venues directly (and still do) and after every meeting, after every hand shake, we are always asked this question. 

Is there Anything Else I should be asking?

The question always hits! Every single time. Is there anything else I should be asking and in our heads and our thoughts are, what’s important to you! 

The Wedding Check List

While there are many factors and things to consider, if you are planning your wedding in the Florida Keys, let us try and help you fill out a check list. 

1.) Plan B

If this isn’t on your list, then it should be. It is the most common question we get when touring or giving tours. What happens when it rains? Contrary to what you might think, we normally don’t get a ton of rainfall here in the Florida Keys, if it does rain, it’s usually in the morning for a short while. With that being said, has it ever rained at 5pm. YES! Of course, so what is the plan B. Is there a space for a tent? If so, how big, what are the measurements or how many guests will a tent hold. Is there an indoor space? Make sure to have a plan B just in case. 

2.) Transportation

Most properties here in the Florida Keys are generally pretty small, its the price we pay to live in paradise. So how will your guests arrive, is parking permitted, if so, how many spots are allowed.  View Transportation Vendors

3.) Lighting

When you are at your venue, or at least inquiring, take a look around. Do you see lighting? Do they have lighting? If you need lighting, check and see if they have trees or structures to hang lighting. If there are no structures, you may encounter more costs for a vendor to provide structures to hang the lighting as well. Make sure the areas are of importance, the ceremony will most likely not need lighting, stick to dinner, dancing, and cocktail hour areas. 

4.) Locations

Where will ceremony and reception locations be held? At the ceremony area, how many guests will be able to fit? Same question goes for the reception area. 

5.) Catering

Does this venue provide catering? Do they have an all inclusive package? If not, check and see where the chef and catering staff will set up, is it an ideal location? is it in the way? 

6.) Access

Accessing the property should be an important question. Maybe check in time is at 4pm, but that might be to allow the cleaning crew to finish cleaning, maybe the venue will allow your vendors to come in and set up at an earlier time, maybe noon or earlier. The sooner the vendors are there setting up, the sooner peace of mind and excitement begin! 

7.) Restrooms

If you are having more than 50 guests, restrooms should be on your check list. Our the facilities able to handle your amount of guests, should we consider getting an additional restroom. 

8.) Landscaping

Please tell me landscaping doesn’t come at 3pm on Saturday? When does it come. Preferably, we would want landscaping to be done before check in, then maybe a brief sweep the morning of the wedding to make sure photos are perfect! 

9.) Time Limits

All of Monroe County has an ordinance of music to be shut off at 11pm Friday and Saturday and 10pm Sunday – Thursday. Does the event have to end at 11pm? Can we still have some drinks outside or enjoy some cake? What are the time limits? 

10.) Power

Make Sure your wedding venue can accommodate the power thats to be expected. DJ, Caterer, lights, photo booth, band, etc.. There is alot of power to draw for your wedding day. Make sure your venue can handle it and not be shorting out cutting off the DJ during gangam style. 


There are probably countless items that we should put in here. But we didn’t want to write a top 100 list. Pick out things that are important to you, obvious things are going to be about your budget, pricing, guest list, stipulations, natural disasters, cancellation policies, and things like that. Think of some things and write em down before you tour. Best of Luck, and congratulations on having a Florida Keys Wedding. 


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