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Ocean Beach House - Florida Keys Beach House

This Islamorada Beach House is an exclusive oceanfront wedding estate. Perfect for those wanting either a laid back beach vibe, to an upscale event. This property is completely private for your and all your guests! 

  • Sleeps up to 14 People

  • Allows up to 150 Wedding Guests

  • Prices start at $13,500 for 7 Nights 

  • Weekly Rental Friday – Friday

  • Private Wedding Venues


The H20 Oasis - Florida Keys Beach House

Towering palm trees and manicured grounds open up to almost 3 acres including 200′ of private beach with the only pool actually ON THE ATLANTIC OCEAN! This is The Oasis, YOUR private Oasis

  • Sleeps up to 8 Guests

  • Allows up to 200 Wedding Guests

  • Price Starts at $14,500 for 7 Nights

  • Weekly Rentals Available

  • Private Wedding Venue


Southern Diversion - Florida Keys Beach House

Brand New private gated 1 acre estate in Key Largo, Florida on the ocean with private beach, tiki hut , tropical private pool and deep water dockage. Plenty of Reception Space and a beautiful Poolside ceremony layout.  

  • Sleeps up to 17 Guests

  • Allows up to 150 Wedding Guests

  • Prices Start at $18,000 for a 7 night stay

  • Private Wedding Venue

Layton House - Florida Keys Beach House

Upon entering this private beach estate, you will experience spectacular sunsets and one of the most beautiful views of the Florida Bay. Centrally located between Islamorada and Marathon, you are moments from all water activities, parks, museums, shops, restaurants, etc. Cross under Long Key Bridge and you are home to Hemmingway’s offshore fishing.  Dock your boat at the private 70+ foot dock (boat rentals available), swim in your private circular pool, and cook your catch at the spacious Gazebo.

  • Sleeps up to 10 People

  • Allows up to 150 Wedding Guests

  • Prices start at $12,500 for 5 Nights

  • Private Wedding Venues

  • Beach House

Southern Diversion - Florida Keys Beach House

Southern Diversion in Islamorada in the Florida Keys,  is an exclusive oceanfront wedding estate on two acres. This property really has everything you need and more! From the moment you walk onsite, you are assured a Dream Beach Wedding! 

  • Sleeps up to 16 People

  • Allows up to 200 Wedding Guests

  • Prices Start at $18,000 for a 7 night stay

  • Private Wedding Venue

Why Choosing a Beach House Wedding Venue in Florida is a Good Idea!

Learn why  Florida Beach House Wedding Venues could be a perfect idea for your wedding ceremony and reception! The cost of a beach house wedding is less than you would think and could far outweigh a resort style option. 

Why do people Choose a Private Home for their Wedding Venue?

There are several reasons why couples choose to have their wedding at a private beach house in Florida. Here, we will give you our top 5 reasons! 

1.) Privacy

All of our Private Beach Houses are exactly that… PRIVATE!!! Having guests attend your wedding while no one else is looking to crash your wedding is a huge plus in renting a private beach house. For the Shy or introverted couple or for those wanting to keep it intimate, a private beach house may be the way to go! 

2.) Longer Stay = Longer Event

Most private beach houses that are rented for weddings and events are usually several nights or week long stays. This is a huge plus for those having a Destination Wedding. Can you imagine a destination wedding, inviting all your friends and family to come down to the Florida Keys for just a 4 hour event? At a private Beach house, you can plan rehearsal dinners, Sunday brunches, ceremony and reception all in the same location. 

3.) Affordable

Some of our private beach houses rent for the entire week on what some resorts charge for just their site fee alone!! Factor that plus you don’t have any food or beverage minimums that you have to oblige by. You can do heavy cocktails and appetizers to a full blown 5 course meal and still be less than F&B minimums from these hotels and resorts. 

4.) Blank Canvas

At a Private Beach House in Florida, most of these locations are just offering the property. This means we can set up design and decor any way you want. From Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Reception Dinner, and Dancing. It all can be done however you want it arranged! Alot of our couples love this! 

5.) Vacation + Wedding = Memories

While we have covered the longer stay above, I don’t think couples really understand how awesome it is that once the wedding is over, you actually get to enjoy the property and the facilities. You get to go Kayaking or snorkeling in the backyard, go fishing with friends. Lounge out by the pool and really enjoy your wedding venue for a couple days longer! 

A Private Beach House Wedding Estate as a Florida Keys Wedding Venue can be everything you imagined, if your are looking for a Simple Florida Keys Wedding or an extravagant luxury beach house, then consider a Beach House Wedding!  

Beach House Private Homes can be perfect for an All Inclusive Package. Take the stress away from planning your wedding, and plan more about how to have a Destination Wedding in the Florida Keys! 

The Florida Keys Wedding Center has Awesome Affiliate Hotels With additional Hotel Room Blocks and Group Discounts.

Cost Vs Value

Florida Keys Beach House Wedding Venues usually charge a flat rate to stay at the facility for several days or a week. What makes them affordable is pairing them with one of our All Inclusive Wedding Packages.  By the time you have the venue and package, you will be surprised at how cost comparable it is then having your wedding at a 4 hour resort location. 

Catering and Bar are probably the two biggest things that can be a determining factor for why couples choose these locations as well. Even if you opted out of our wedding packages, The fact that you can bring in your own caterer and bar services are huge. Everyone and Every wedding is very different. If you are looking at a rehearsal dinner, Ceremony, Reception, and Farewell Brunch, then a private estate may cut those costs compared to another venue.


We have seen small weddings with just passed hors d’oeuvre to extravagant weddings with 5 course plated meals.

Whether you are wanting a Seafood Paella with Roasted Pig, A laid back Beach BBQ, A 3 Entree Buffet, Flair Stations, or A 4 course plated dinner. Being able to bring in your own caterer is always a fun option when it comes to planning your wedding.


Another Reason that hits the nail on the head is the ability to bring in your own alcohol. The cost for a 4 hour bar package doesn’t even come close to what you could spend on an entire weekend of events and still save money. You could supply for rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour and reception, and a farewell brunch and still not have spent half than what you would with a 4 hour call bar. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Couples often ask "Who sleeps at the wedding venue and how can you choose?"

This question is often asked by couples and this can be a tough one. Do I choose my family? My bridal Party? We feel that this is something that should, and is OK, to be discussed in an open forum. The majority we do see however is the family stays at the Beach House Wedding Venue.

Do Couples Charge Guests to Staty at the Property?

Most of the time No, because its usually family that does stay. When it is the bridal party staying at the house, couples may ask to split payments which makes the private beach house more affordable! 

What do We do About Food on the Days before and after the Wedding?

Most of our Private Beach houses sleep around 10-16 guests. Usually food is done family style where people bring in a platter for lunch, coffee and bagels for breakfast, or even a couple of pizzas. Most of your guests aren’t staying the full week, so it’s not something that needs to be stressed out.  Its also not uncommon to get the BBQ Grill going and have a welcome party or just a beach gathering before or after the wedding. 

What Do We Do About Transportation?

We definitley recommend getting a car or van rental. While uber and lyft do a great job, having something to travel around the islands is also good to have as well. 

What Time does music need to be shut off?

In most cases, the noise ordinance for live or amplified music is 11pm for Fridays and Saturdays and 10pm for Sunday – Thursday. The great part about staying at a private beach house, is when the music shuts off, that doesn’t mean the party’s over. Most couples will bring a little JBL Speaker to hang out by the bar or by the pool to keep the party going to the later hours of the night. 

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