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Why Choose a Private Home Wedding Venue?

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Why Choose a Private Home over a Resort, Hotel, Or Cottage?

Why do people Choose a Private Home for their Wedding Venue?

Most people choose a Private Wedding Estate for their wedding venue choice for privacy. The average wedding estate will house up to 10-16 guests and varies between 5 - 7 days on length of stay. A Private Wedding Estate as a Florida Keys Wedding Venue can be everything you imagined, however, it can be strenuous work to have your wedding at one. Think of building a wedding from the ground up. If you are considering renting a private estate rental, now is the time that you may want to consult with a Wedding Planner. Unlike a Resort. A Private Estate most likely wont have alot of the items that you may (in your head) take for granted. Things like tables, chairs, linens, glasses, plates, ice, and so on.

Couples often ask "Who sleeps at the wedding venue and how can you choose?"

This question is often asked by couples and this can be a tough one. Do I choose my family? My bridal Party? We feel that this is something that should, and is OK, to be discussed in an open forum. The majority we do see however is the family stays at the venue.

Cost Vs Value

Private Florida Keys Wedding Estates charge a higher amount for a wedding venue than your average Resort Site Fee but the stay is longer and the flexibility and leverage is very big for bringing in your own vendors. Catering and Bar are probably the two biggest things that can be a determining factor for why couples choose these locations. The fact that you can bring in your own caterer and bar services are huge. Everyone and Every wedding is very different. If you are looking at a rehearsal dinner, Ceremony, Reception, and Farewell Brunch, then a private estate may cut those costs compared to another venue.


We have seen small weddings with just passed hors d'oeuvre to extravagant weddings with 5 course plated meals. Whether you are wanting a Seafood Paella with Roasted Pig, A laid back Beach BBQ, A 3 Entree Buffet, Flair Stations, or A 4 course plated dinner. Being able to bring in your own caterer is always a fun option when it comes to planning your wedding. See More at Florida Keys Wedding Caterers.


Bringing in your own bar can also serve as a huge plus and is sometimes a deciding factor when choosing a Private Estate to a Resort style venue. Since you and your family will be there for a number of days, having a supply to last all weekend is definitely alot less expensive than comparing to your Rehearsal Dinner and Reception. ICE- This is such a huge factor that has literally stressed us out time and time again and yet seems so small and so meaningless. Most (if not all) Estates do not have a heavy duty ice machine on the property. Ice can go very fast and we have worked many events where we have had to bring in more ice after the first load.

Multiple Days ~ Multiple Events

Another Great Benefit of choosing a Private Florida Keys Wedding Estate is the fact that you will have the property for several days at a time. This means that your Rehearsal Dinner, Ceremony, Reception, and even Brunch can all be done on the property and usually without any extra fees.