Florida Resort Wedding Venues

Why Choose Florida Resort Wedding Venues

Learn the Pros and Cons of having a Florida Resort Wedding Venue for a Destination Wedding Venue

Post Card Inn - Islamoarada

Recognized as the premier Florida Keys romantic wedding destination. This Florida Resort Wedding Venue is located on a fantastic thirteen-acre tropical island oceanfront setting.

  • Postcard Inn
  • Location: Islamorada, FL
  • Oceanside
  • Size: Large
  • Maximum Wedding Guests: 125
  • Estimated Site Fee: $5,000 – $8,000

Amara Cay Resort - Islamoarada

It’s hard to imagine a lovelier Florida Resort Wedding Venue setting than on an island wedding or special event than Amara Cay Resort.

  • Amara Cay Resort 
  • Location: Islamorada, FL
  • Oceanside
  • Size: Medium
  • Maximum Wedding Guests: 100
  • Estimated Site Fee: $1,500 – $3,000

Pelican Cove Resort - Islamoarada

Pelican Cove in Islamorada, the heart of the Florida Keys, is home to a number of incredible Florida Resort Wedding Venues perfect for a spectacular seaside soiree.

  • Pelican Resort
  • ​Location: Islamorada, FL
  • Oceanside
  • Size: Medium
  • Maximum Wedding Guests:  100
  • Estimated Site Fee:  $1,500 – $2,500

La Siesta Resort - Islamoarada

La Siesta Resort is a ideal choice for large wedding events, with a perfect ocean front ceremony location to cocktail hour by the water. La Siesta Resort offers a large space for up to 300 wedding guest’s and your wedding guest’s also have the options to stay onsite.

  • La Siesta Resort & Marina
  • ​Location: Islamorada, FL
  • Oceanside
  • Size: Large
  • Maximum Wedding
  • Guests:  300
  • Estimated Site Fee:  $3,000

Why Choose Florida Resort Wedding Venues

All Inclusive Florida Keys Resort Wedding Venues

Most people choose a Florida Keys Resort Wedding Venue for their venue choice for convenience. A Florida Keys All Inclusive Resort Wedding Venue is just about as all inclusive as you can get. You can have everything that you want or need right there at your fingertips. If you are traveling from a far distance then having everything in one spot can be a huge plus. From food, bar, tables, chairs, linens, cutlery, servers, bussers, set up personal, and more. Another great reason that couples choose a Florida Keys All inclusive Resort Venue is for their guests. A private house or cottage cannot offer accommodations for your guests. Most couples love the idea of having all their guests at the Resort together at the same time. Not only can all your guests stay there, but interacting with them on site is great as well. Not only are almost all resorts All Inclusive, but they offer daily activities on site as well. Such as Charter Fishing or Diving, Kayaks, Jet skis, parasailing, and more. Most resorts usually have restaurants and bars on site as well.

Cost VS Value

Having a Florida Keys Wedding is not an inexpensive decision. There will be costs to have made and whether you choose to have your wedding at an All Inclusive Resort style option or A private home or cottage, price vs value can be a deciding factor. Depending on the guest amount, Most times you are probably going to spend around the same amount of money going to a Florida Keys Resort as if you would choosing a private Florida Keys Wedding Venue. Keep in mind that a Cottage or Private home rental involves building a wedding from the ground up. You will most likely need everything and hiring a wedding planner before hand would be a great way to start.


Unlike a private house or cottage, Catering is mandatory at a Florida Keys Resort Wedding Venue. Most Resorts can be very flexible on creating or adjusting their menu. Most resorts will offer stations as well including Paella, Pig Roast, Carving, Prime rib and more. They can also create buffet, or sit down, as well as brunch, and rehearsal dinner menus.


The bar is also another mandatory for a Florida Keys Resort Wedding. There are usually three ways to obtain the bar at a Florida Keys Resort Venue. 1.) Open Open bar is usually an hourly price pre-set and all guests can come and go and order anything from the bar. 2.) Hourly Bar Hourly Bar is an option to where we pre-set a time limit from the start of the reception and all guests can choose their drinks of choice while the bar is open. 3.) Cash Bar Cash Bar is an option in which all guests must pay for their drinks directly. Most couples choose this option after an hourly option has been purchased so guests can still drink after the hourly closes. Each Resort is Different so please check with us to find out more about a Florida Keys Resort Venue that you are interested in.