Florida Keys Wedding Room Blocks & Hotel Discounts

Save Money

Multiple Properties to Choose from. All while adding additional savings.

Save Time

Everything is completely set up for your nearest Wedding Venue.

Save Dates

Block Off dates to ensure your guests have a place to stay.

Amazing Discounts for your guests at Premium Locations!

Wedding Room Blocks and Hotel Discounts

Whether booking at a hotel, private estate, or a small Florida Keys Cottage, we can accommodate your over flow guests with additional room blocks and room discounts below rack rate. We have multiple properties to choose from. Whether wanting economical, affordable, or premium hotels. The Florida Keys Wedding Center & Wishes To Weddings.

Affiliated Hotels

What to do next?

1.) Fill out our form below regarding your wedding information.  

2.) We will respond with several hotel and resort options with our promo and block code. 

3.) Then your guests can conveniently call or go online to the resort directly with their code and receive their discount!  

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