Things to do in the Florida Keys

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Welcome to A Place like no other! Whether you are coming for a solo trip, a family stay, a destination wedding, or business, learn some fun Things to do in the Florida Keys. 

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Have you been invited to attend a wedding or special event? Allow us to not feel sorry for you at all. You are about to enter a world relaxation and tranquility that you may have never imagined.  Whether you are coming to attend with your family or just you and a plus one, this place has something fit for everyone. If you are a lover of calm waters, sunsets, and relaxation, then this vacation is about to make you unwind. 

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If you have never been or its been a really long time, allow us to be your guide in helping plan your Vacation/Destination  extravaganza. Learn About  “How to get here” to “What to do here” please feel free to browse around and share with your friends and family who will be attending  with you. 

What are Mile Markers?

We are a chain of Islands located on the Southern Tip of Florida. While there are many Keys, our largest and most popular islands include Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, and Key West. Almost all locations that are listed are labeled by Mile Markers. The Florida Keys is roughly 107 miles long Starting before the Key Largo Bridge at Mile Marker 107 and ending in Key West at Southernmost Point at Mile Marker 0. All locals will refer to locations and landmarks by their Mile Markers. For instance, the Key Largo Hilton is located at Mile Marker 97 while Hawks Cay is located at Mile Marker 61. When searching below if you see MM that is for Mile Marker. 

Mile Markers

All locations are Labeled by Mile Markers. 

​KEY LARGO – Known as the Dive Capital of the World. Mile Marker 107-90.

ISLAMORADA–  Known as the Sportfishing Capital of the World. Mile Marker 90-63.

MARATHON–  Known as the Heart of the Florida Keys. Mile Marker 63-47.

BIG PINE KEY–  Known as the Oasis of the Islands. Mile Marker 47-4.

​KEY WEST–  Known as the Southernmost City. Mile Marker 4-0

Florida Keys Mile Markers

Things to do in the Florida Keys