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Everything You Need to Know About Having a Wedding at Smathers Beach in Key West


Everything You Need to Know About Having a Wedding at Smathers Beach

The Florida Keys is one of the most popular locations for Destination Weddings Worldwide and today We are going to talk about a highly demanded location and everything you need to know about having a wedding on Smathers Beach in Key West, FL. 

Key West, FL is located at the Southern Most Point in the United States. It’s tropical whether and vibrant night life make this location not only a sought after location, but a beautiful and fun one as well.  

According to Wedding Report, there are over 3,500 weddings filed annually in just Key West alone, with an assumption of at least a third of those being done right here on Smathers Beach. 

That would mean that there are almost 3 weddings a day, every day, at Smathers Beach for 365 days a year. 

And if you have ever visited Smathers Beach, You would know why!

In this article, We are going to go over everything you need to know about having a wedding on Smathers Beach in Key West, FL 


In this first topic is about price and the value of that price. Smathers Beach doesn’t have a site fee to host a wedding, so right away, the price is more than affordable and ranks number 2 on our most affordable and beautiful wedding venues in the Florida Keys!  

Our Wedding Elopement Packages for Smathers Beach Start at $299 and go up to $1,699 for All Inclusive Ceremony Packages. That price includes photography, Officiant, Flowers, Arbor, etc. With an average price of guests spending around $1,000. 

The value that Smathers Brings is hands down the best for what you are getting. Most resorts will charge upwards of $5,000 for the same view, the same sand, and the same atmosphere that you can get at Smathers Beach for Free. 


Smathers Beach is located on the North East Side of the Island of Key West. Facing the Atlantic Ocean.  Smathers Beach Stretches over a half mile. 

This Beach is lined with beautiful Palm Trees and a gorgeous walkway to enter to the beach. The Ocean has a never ending view with soft waves crashing on the shoreline. 

On the South Side of the Beach, there is volleyball, paddleboards, and Kayak rentals. The main beach hut that also has bathrooms.  

There are numbered stairwells to access the beach, the main stairwells that are best for weddings are usually the Northern Stairwells from 14-10. The farther stairwells seem to have less beach comers, and during ceremony time (usually sunset) there seem to be no guests at all in the area. Which makes this venue have a more private and intimate feeling. 

We usually set up on Stairwell 11. Walking up the stairwell to see your significant other standing under the custom bamboo arbor with flowers strewn out is something that never gets old for us. 


Another popular reason that Smathers Beach in Key West is used for weddings, is the convenience that it offers. 

Most Transportation companies will be able to pick you up from any location, and drop you right off at the designated stairwell. 

You can step out of the vehicle and straight up to your stairwell. 

How Many Guests Can I have at Smathers Beach?

Most Weddings that We do at Smathers Beach range from small elopements with just 2 people to around 25 Guests. We have done up to 50 guests at Smathers Beach and the most would be 100.  I don’t think I would recommend more than 100 due to parking and space. 

If planning a wedding for Smathers Beach, and inviting 100 guests, it would be imperative to make sure that you can arrange transporation. 

What's the Vibe like at Smathers Beach?

This is one of the main reasons We love Smathers Beach and Key West in general. The vibe at Smathers is so chill. 

Usually when we set up for a wedding, most beach goers will ask about the wedding and what time it starts, etc.. By the time the wedding actually happens, everyone has cleared out. Almost leaving a private and more intimate feeling. 

What Time Should the Wedding Start for Smathers Beach?

The Morning and afternoon around sunset is the most common times for weddings. 

During earlier in the morning (before 10am) is suggested for morning weddings and during the afternoon right before Sunset is recommended. 

The beach is usually pretty occupied from 11am – 4pm. Although we have done several weddings during this time, we don’t recommend unless you are ok with a crowded scene. 

Who Gets Married at Smathers Beach?

We have married alot of couples at this beautiful beach location from all different ages, genders, backgrounds, nationalities, etc..  

If you are looking for an affordable location in a town with a great atmosphere, blue skies, and turquoise waters, Smathers would be at the top of my list.  

We hope that you learned as much as you can and now know everything you need to know about getting married at Smathers Beach in Key West.  

If there is anything you would like to add feel free to contact us

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