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How to Plan your Destination Wedding with Covid-19

How to Plan and Common Questions Regarding your Destination Wedding With Covid-19

So here We are. Almost a year later and Couples are still asking us How to Plan a Destination Wedding with Covid-19 still looming us with its presence, As everything is new for us as well, this has not been an easy decision for couples looking to plan a Destination Wedding. 

All throughout this past year, We have always recommended sticking with the information and guidelines with the CDC and the World Health Organization on groups, events, and functions. 

With that being said, we have learned some helpful tips and tricks along the way and maybe we can answer some of your questions on Planning a Destination Wedding with Covid-19 and what to expect. 

Plan Accordingly

As mentioned above, we always recommend following local and practical guidelines when planning your wedding. You should always want to make sure that where you are going is allowing weddings or events. While the venue and vendors may want the business, the government may not want the same. 

Here in Florida, We have almost fully opened back up which is making us very popular for planning a destination wedding with Covid-19 a little easier. 

Narrowing Your Guest List

Large Groups have definitely been frowned upon when planning events for couples. As you may know by now, Large Groups leads to more spread of a virus if one is apparent. 

Since this has all started, We have been staying with smaller groups, usually 50 or less. Our Elopement and Ceremony Packages have been extremely popular with couples coming down for vacation and saying their “I Do’s”. 

Know Your Area

While I can’t write for everywhere in the World, I can explain how couples are planning their destination wedding with Covid-19 here for Florida Keys Weddings

Ever since the Florida Keys has opened back up for business, We have been doing our best to stay busy while helping brides stay sane. 

The Florida Keys is allowing weddings and Events for up to 100 guests. All vendors must wear masks, and our officiant will take off his mask (While socially distancing) for the Ceremony for pictures. 

Around Town, restaurants and bars are open. You must wear a mask while going to and from your seat or table and then you can remove your mask. You must also wear your mask while shopping in local stores and shops. 

Lowering Your Guest Amount

This is always hard for couples to do, even without the Covid-19 Coronavirus, but lowering your guest amount could be beneficial for alot of your guests traveling. 

If you are thinking of inviting 100+ guests, you can almost assume that some guests are not going to attend anywhere, however, we will always recommend to plan and budget your total guest amount. 

We would still recommend trying to lower your guest amount as much as possible for peace of mind and knowing you are trying your best to follow safety protocols. 

Deposits and Cancellations

This year and last year have been very fluid on dealing with a new virus and a global pandemic.

We have lowered our deposits and allowed for scheduled date changes. Most venues do not allow for cancellations as dates fill up fast. Instead, they will allow for a scheduled date change.

Since Florida is open, other States maybe closing or getting stricter on their travel policies, so rescheduling is something We have been perfecting during this time. 

How to Choose a location

Last year, was the biggest year we have seen in Private Beach Houses for weddings and estates. 

Private beach Houses are very popular right now with brides planning their wedding with Covid-19 as they are completely private. Your guests can come and relax in peace, there is plenty of space for social distancing, and 

Have Fun Planning Your Wedding

This is still, and should be, the happiest time of your life. It shouldn’t be stressful. Just take a little extra effort to ensure everyones safety and plan accordingly. 

Do not be ashamed or scared to invite guests. We have been doing weddings since this has all started and everything has been going great. Still seeing happy brides, fun families, and loving couples is always a joy for us! 

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