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Trending: Wedding cakes

wedding cakes


You chose the tropical destination wedding, meaning there will most likely be HEAT involved. The keys winter months December – February the average temperature is in the 70’s the rest of the year in the 80’s. That being said heat melts things!
The gorgeous wedding cake with that tasteful buttercream frosting set out in 80 degrees is going to be a melted mushy mess.

A new trend recently is the naked cake. Less frosting more cake and still beautiful!

Naked cakes are layer cakes that are nearly bare on the sides. That’s right: no swoops of frosting or
colorful iced patterns. Instead, the cakes are stacked up with frosting or filling between each layer. Sometimes that’s it and sometimes the cakes get a very thin layer of frosting on the exterior to hold everything in. This is the perfect solution for that island heat. You can also dress the cake up with flowers for a really elegant look.

One less thing to worry about on your big day! Unless you don’t mind the maybe melted cake. Either way they will all taste amazing, I’m sure.