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Hurricanes in Florida, it happens....

June 1 – November 30 is Hurricane season, peaking in August and September which is also the prime time to get married in the Keys!
You think the weather is great down here those months, not the intense heat from summer and no more summer showers. We also don’t get too cold on the island. Not many really take into consideration intense weather specifically hurricanes when it comes to planning your wedding.

Here are some tips on what should be done when you feel a Hurricane is coming and may ruin your big day.

Re-Read Your Wedding Contracts
In some cases, your wedding venue contract will include a natural disaster clause, meaning you may not be responsible for the entire bill if you end up having to cancel the wedding.

Assess the Situation
It’s very important to get all of your wedding vendors on the same page. You may have to go with an alternative venue or even vendor if things shut down and say your florist can no longer make arrangements.

Decide Whether to Move the Date
Figure out whether your vendors might be willing to work with you on another date for the party. Usually, if you can get everyone on the same page, you should be able to negotiate a new day for the party.

Make the Call
It’s not an easy decision, but once you’ve weighed in on how your vendors feel about working through potential hurricane weather, you’ll have to decide whether to go through with the wedding.

We always hope for nothing like this to happen on your special day!