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How to Elope in the Florida Keys

A Step By Step Guide on How to Elope in the Florida Keys - Destination Weddings

How to Elope in the Florida Keys – Florida Keys Destination Weddings. If you are looking for a small wedding or wanting to learn how to elope in the Florida Keys. Let us help you be your guide. 

The Florida Keys is a huge Destination Wedding Location! People from all over the world choose to get married in the Florida Keys every day! 

If you are looking for a Florida Elopement Packages, we have plenty of packages to choose from that come with photography, officiant, decor, and more!  

Step 1: Finding the Venue

The first step in planning for your Elopement is to find a suitable venue that you and your spouse can agree on. Almost everyone chooses to elope in the Florida Keys because of the scenery, the tranquil beaches, and the relaxing vibes. 

Some Wedding Venues like large hotels, will charge for a site fee to have the wedding on their location. We are going to skip those for now, and look at some affordable destination wedding venues to choose from. 

The best wedding venues for small and intimate elopements are going to be at a ceremony only wedding venue. Something that doesn’t cost anything and free for everyone. Keep in mind, at these locations, it is public, so there will be other people around depending on the time of day and season. 

Some popular venue locations include Rowells Park, Far Beach in John Pennekamp,  Harry Harris Park, Founders Park, Anne’s Beach, Sombrero Beach Park, Ft. Zachary Park, and Smathers Beach. 

Step 2: Finding Someone to Marry You

Officiants can get booked up rather quickly. So making sure you have a wedding officiant is ideal. 

You can browse some of our wedding officiants here

After choosing or selecting your wedding officiant, it is nice to have an idea of vows and ceremony samples that you are interested. A popular page to get ideas and inspiration are at Officiant Erics. 

While ideas of ceremony and style can be change depending on what you want. We have at least nailed down are two major items off the list. Things like sand ceremony, or tying the knot, or wine ceremony can all be discussed later. 

Step 3: Booking your photographer

Often we get a mix of couples who can go either way on photography. They want the absolute best, or they really don’t mind if a photographer is there or not. 

You can browse some of our wedding photographers here. 

Keeping mind that photographers get booked pretty quickly. Great photographers charge roughly around $500 per hour. 

30 Minutes to 1 Hour of Photography is all you should really need for an elopement. 

Step 4: Obtaining your Marriage License

We have written a very nice article on How to Obtain your Marriage license. 

When arriving to the Florida Keys, stopping by a clerks office to obtain your marriage license is one of the first things that needs to be done. Keep in mind, the Clerks office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Once you have the marriage license in hand. You should give that to your officiant. They can sign it and either give it back to you for you to file, or you can have them file the license.  

All Licenses must be filed in the county you applied for. If you filed in Monroe, the license must go back to Monroe. 


That is really all that is needed to have an Elopement in the Florida Keys. 

Something to Think About!

Every Florida Keys Elopement that we have done, or been a part of, one thing is common. They are mostly all laid back. Do not stress on little things of importance, instead, be excited about having your wedding. 

If Dressing up in Suits and Ties, Let your officiant know ahead of time to give him an idea of your attire. 

Getting additional Decorations such as Flowers can be done at a local Florist and cakes can be done by a local baker or even publix. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We have done over 500 weddings and elopements here in the Florida Keys and can guide you based on any style or any budget! 

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