How to Get Your Marriage License for the State of Florida

Marriage Certificate & Licensing Information for the State of Florida. 

How to obtain your marriage license and Florida Marriage Requirements for the State of Florida. 

If You Are Both Florida Residents

  • A three day waiting period or 4 hours of premarital counseling is mandatory for Florida Residents. 
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Licenses are valid for 60 days and issued immediately. 
  • Photo ID is required (valid Drivers’ License or Passport). 
  • No blood test is required. 
  • A Fee of $86 is Required by the County and made via check, credit card, or cash. 
  • No Witnesses are Required

Out of State Residents

  • There is No waiting period 
  • You must both attend in person and present photo ID (passport is acceptable). 
  • You are responsible for presenting the license to the ceremony officiant before the ceremony begins.
  • If one of you is a Florida Resident, consider enhancing your marriage by registering for a  premarital counseling course (4 hours)  which will also save you $32.50 on the cost of your license. 

Previous Marriages

If either applicant has been previously married, the exact date of the last divorce, annulment, or death must be provided. Although not necessary, You should bring a copy of your divorce decree with you at the time of your application. 


A Florida Marriage License costs $86. The exception is if both parties are Florida Residents, and have both provided proof of a premarital class cost.Then the price is $61.00

Clerk of Court Locations for the Florida Keys

Key Largo

88820 Overseas Highway Plantation Key, FL 33070 (305) 852-7145 Hours - 8:30 am - 5:00 pm


3117 Overseas Highway Marathon, FL 33050 (305) 289-6029

Key West

500 Whitehead Street Key West, FL 33050 (305) 292-3458