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When selecting your Wedding Baker we suggest to go local on this one, most of the weddings in the Florida Keys are out doors on the beach, so the local  bakers have a better idea on how to prepare for hot, windy and salty days. We have some of the most amazing, talented local bakers that can help you design and custom make different flavors. 

If you have no idea what kind of cake or dessert that you might want no worries contact your baker and she can help you come up with a great idea and even help you with a grooms cake. 

​Helpful Tips 

* In the summer months, schedule your cake to be displayed 30 minutes into cocktail hour to prevent bugs and the leaning tower of pisa

* If your cake cutting is scheduled later in the night you can always have your photographer take a pretend cake cutting photo once your cake is displayed.

* If you plan on saving your top tier ask your baker to supply a box and inform your caterer not to serve the top tier 

* Don’t forget about the items that are often miss over looked like the actual cake table, linen and cake cutter

* If you are thinking of having Chocolate cake, stick to a light layer on the bottom (that is the layer you will cut into) you do not want to risk having chocolate on your teeth or a dark smudge on your wedding dress

Florida Keys Bakers do not provide a wedding cake table so this is something you have to special request from your rental company or caterer. Before purchasing a cake cutter ask your coordinator/caterer if they have one that you can use, most do.