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Florida Keys Hair and Make Up Artist. A must have!

This is one of our Top Florida Keys Wedding Vendors that we encourage you to book. It is your wedding day,  pamper yourself !! No matter how small your wedding is you deserve to sit back, relax and let a professional pamper you with the best beauty products available and make you feel like a Queen.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Florida Keys Hair and Make Up Artists

  • Nerves and Stress

  • Knowing their products

  • Staying on Time

  • Tricks of the Trade

Nerves and Stress

On my wedding day I was so nervous and stressed out that things where not going to get done as planned without me there While in that chair I was able to relax and calm down and trust my Florida Keys Hair and Make Up Artists that things were going to go well. They encouraged me and just took their time. I was so relaxed and I just felt like a Queen.

Knows their Products

A professional Florida Keys Hair and Make up Artist knows what they are doing and knows their make-up. They can pair make-up based on your skin type, And hiring a local Florida Keys hair and make-up artist is also encouraged well because they cater your make-up based on the HEAT – WIND – SALT I have seen some out of town Make-up / Hair artist come from out of State and the make-up does not last long especially in the summer months and then I have seen our local artist get it down and you are glowing all night. They are used to the weather down here.

Staying on Time

The best part about hiring a professional Florida Keys Hair and Make Up Artist is they are all about the schedule. They know and understand how important it is to be on time for the wedding ceremony and how if they fall behind they can create domino effect. Our local Florida Keys Hair and Make-up Artist create a detailed schedule of which person is next, instructions on how to prepare for your appointment and great tips

They know many tricks

A professional Florida Keys Hair and Make-up artist knows many tricks. If you want to use bold lip color but not sure what to use or if you want to highlight your eyes, maybe there is a tattoo or scar that you want to cover they have the experience and products to get that all done

If you plan on visiting the Florida Keys prior to your wedding, schedule a hair and make-up trial with your Artist and make sure to take plenty of pictures.