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Top 10 Reasons to Get Married in Key West

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Married in Key West - Key West Weddings

Our Top 10 Reasons on Why You Should Consider Key West Weddings. 

While we have just finished up our 2020 year, and what a year it was, Key West has certainly grown in our hearts and it feels like everytime we venture there, it seems to only leave a lasting impression for us. 

We have done quite a few weddings in Key West this year, and We have compiled our Top 10 Reasons why We love Key West for a wedding and why We think you will love it too. 

Top 10 Reasons To Get Married in Key West

1.) Key West Weddings Are FUN!!!!

Yes, We are going to list FUN as our Number 1 Reason to consider Key West Weddings. We are aware of beaches, sunsets, photo ops, etc.., and we will get to those,  But lets just focus on WHY we’re recommending Key West. 

When couples come to Key West to get married, they are not here for 1 night, they are here for usually a weekend or even longer. While many other destinations have their pro’s and con’s. Key West is a location that no matter what happens, you’re having a good time. 

Tying in your honeymoon and wedding into the same weekend sounds like a blast to us. 

We have yet to Marry a Bridezilla in Key West (Knocks on Wood) , It’s almost impossible as the moment you enter the Florida Keys, the vibe has been set and you are set for the time of your lives. 

2.) Easy to Travel For A Key West Wedding

In 2017, Key West Airport was given a grant to expand their terminals and start offering domestic flights directly to Key West

American Airlines, Republic Airways, United, DeltajetBlueSilver Airways, British Airways and Air France all fly non-stop to Key West International Airport. 

This is a huge difference from back in the days when you had to fly into Miami and drive 4 Hours to Key West. Being able to fly directly into Key West makes this option pretty sweet. 

Another thing to consider, is you are still inside the United States, no passports are required to travel to an island in the US. 

Key West Weddings have been easier now than ever before. 

3.) Beaches

 Now, when you think of the Florida Keys, most people don’t think of our beaches. Sand, Sun, and Saltwater our always on our check list, but nobody ever brags about our beautiful beaches in Key West. 

The Two Most popular beaches to get married at in Key West are Smathers Beach and Fort Zachary Taylor State Park. 

Having done a bunch of weddings at both of them this past year, they both are beautiful, but Smathers in the Winter and Spring has amazing Sunset Views, is extremely big and long which makes for an almost private ceremony and…… ITS FREE!!!!!

Both have beautiful sand leading directly into the water with never ending ocean views, crashing waves, and blue skies! 

4.) Weather

This should be number 1, but Whatever. Our Weather is probably why most couples get married in the Florida Keys. 

It hardly ever rains down here, if it does rain, it is super quick, short, and over in a jiff. The sun is always shining and the skies are always blue. As We are writing this, the weather is 74 Degrees and not a cloud in the sky. 

5.) Affordable Key West Weddings

If the last 4 reasons haven’t convinced you why you should have a wedding in Key West, than this might help.  Two of the 6 most affordable wedding venues on are list are in Key West. 

Key West is way more affordable than you think and with our All Inclusive Wedding Packages, We have price points for everyone to enjoy. 

From our Seashell Package that starts at $499 and includes a photographer and officiant to our Ceremony Packages that will include an arbor, photographer, officiant, chairs, flowers, decor, and Starts at just $1,299. Those prices are competitive with anywhere else in the world. 

We're Halfway There. Let's Pause for a Photo Op of some recent Key West Weddings that We have done.

6.) Atmosphere

Ok, We listed fun as the number 1 reason to get married in Key West, but we really didn’t discuss the atmosphere. 

Let me explain to you the atmosphere around the island and during your wedding. 

Everyone is super chill. Everyone is on vacation and having a great time. When you are at breakfast diner, romantic dinner, or on Duval street having a cocktail, the atmosphere is lively and vibrant. 

Every Wedding that we have ever done, people are super respectful, smiling from ear to ear, and always clap when you first kiss. They say congratulations as you are taking photos and really just a joyous occasion. 

7.) Safety

Yes, Safety is always a concern when traveling for a destination wedding and it’s why it is on our list for the Top 10 Reasons you should consider getting married in Key West. 

If you are thinking of a destination outside of the US, safety is always a concern, and usually you are confined to the hotel or resort you are staying at and limited to travel anywhere else because of safety concerns. 

The Key West Police Department and City of Key West strive themselves as being one of the safest cities in the world. 

8.) Things To Do

Having your Wedding on an Island in the Florida Keys offers alot of things to do. 

  • Sightseeing
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Fishing
  • Sunset Cruises / Sailboats
  • Scooter Rides
  • Golf Cart Rentals Around the Island
  • Shopping
  • Local Gifts / Products
  • Eateries
  • Bars
  • Entertainment

There is a ton of things to do packed in this small island town. 

9.) Memories

Let’s Face It. For the rest of your life, for the rest of your stories. Starting a conversation of we got married in Key West is always a memory that will forever be shared with you and your significant other. 

The memories that you will create, the photos that you will look back on. It won’t just be a day or a moment, it will be a memory of that entire time you were down here. 

The stories, the laughs, and memories are something you will never regret. 

And let’s be honest, no one remembers their weekend in Rockford, Illinois (Go Peaches) for their wedding weekend. 

10.) Diversity

The 10th and final reason why We think you should get married in Key West is the town is filled with tons of diversity. 

From people all over the world. Different cultures, different spices and flavors that everyone contributes to. 

From Cuban flair to the Traditional Southern Hospitality and everywhere in between. 

This diverse group of folks are very accommodating and welcoming. This is why we love it here and why We think you will too. 

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