Katie & Shaun’s Real Wedding in Islamorada- Alligator Reef Package

Katie & Shaun 11.5.2021 in Islamorada

November 5th, 2021. The day of Katie & Shauns Real Wedding in Islamorada. A day they have been waiting on for years.

Fisher Inn in Islamorada, FL was the venue chosen by the couple. Islamorada is a beautiful little fishing town known as the Sport Fishing Capital of the World. It is a popular tourism-oriented town with a small town atmosphere, scenic bay, ocean views, sunshine, boating, and locally owned restaurants, and shops.

Rain was forecasted that day, but they did not let it bring their day down. A rainy-overcast day can make for the most beautiful photos. They had thought ahead, and a tent was already being set up for their reception that night. 1 headache saved! 

The couple went for boho beachy vibes for their ceremony & reception. Orange and blue tints, pampas grass, greenery & palms made the arbor arrangements & aisle decor an absolutely stunning view. With the overcast skies and calm blue waters, the scene was set. It couldn’t have been any more beautiful. 

Shaun made his way down the aisle with the officiant to wait on his bride. Bridesmaids dressed in turquoise holding pineapples as their bouquets, and groomsmen dressed in linen suits made their way down the aisle to await their beautiful friend.  


Kayla looked absolutely stunning. Nobody could take their eyes off of her. After vows were read, rings were exchanged & kisses were made the couple turned to look at everyone who had joined them on their wedding day. Taking it all in. All smiles 


The reception was held in the tent where guests enjoyed their meals, and the bar. The tables were decorated with seashells, driftwood, and beautiful plates with orange napkins. Chocolate, vanilla & red velvet cupcakes were the dessert of the night. 


After a fun night of dancing, the guests sent the newlyweds off to start their honeymoon! The night was perfect & now Kayla & Shaun will get to spend forever together. 

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A special way to honor those not able to be at the wedding.
Happily ever after
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