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Questions to ask your Florida Keys Wedding DJ's

Music can make or break a party, which means you don’t want to just hire any DJ

First things First 

  • Know the difference between a Club DJ and a Wedding DJ 

If your looking for a traditional wedding such as Grand Introduction, traditional dances (Mom and Son, Father and Daughter, Etc..)  cake cutting, grand exit then you will need a Wedding DJ/MC, if your wedding does not have much of a time line and you just want some dance music, club style DJ will work, but my recommendation will always be to go with someone that is experienced in the wedding industry. 

Florida Keys Wedding DJ’s must know the time line in detail, they are the conductor of events. This means coordinating with the coordinator, Bride, Groom, Staff, and anyone involved with your event. DJ’s make the announcements and direct the guests on what is next.  Not just playing great music but also having professional MC skills is a must. Make sure your DJ is experinced in weddings there are many great DJ’s out there but someone to really inhence your group are hard to come by. 

6 Questions to ask your Florida Keys Wedding DJ's

1.) Have you ever worked at our Wedding Venue?

Weddings in the Keys are often at the same location but the wedding venues are large so tipically your DJ will need two kinds of set-up. One for Ceremony, usually this one can also be used for the cocktail hour and then one for the reception. If your DJ has worked at the wedding venue before then they are already formiliar with the layout and will know what to prepare for.

2.) When does the planning of Music begin?

Most Florida Keys Wedding DJ’s and companies have an online site that you can fill out. A phone call or a one on one chat is the best way to express your ideas for the night. Big DJ companies unfortunately do not know who your DJ will be until a couple days before so there really is not a personal relationship. Some couples that is totally Ok and some want more of a personal experience to insure there day is a knock out.

3.) Describe your Style?

Some Florida Keys Wedding DJ’s cater to the crowd some DJ’s cater to their liking. Ask what their style is and what will they do to get your shy guest’s on the dance floor  

4.) Are Lights Included?

Your Florida Keys Wedding DJ might come with all kinds of fun lighting or might have upgrade options 

5.) Do you have Wedding Insurance?

Do you have wedding insurance and proper licences. Most of the wedding venues in the Florida Keys require vendor insurance. and want proof of it. 

6.) Do you have Song Suggestions?

At any point of your wedding planning ask your Florida Keys DJ about song suggestions. They are being hired to help you and they know music best. What have they seen get the crowd dancing. You can always yay or nay any suggestion. 

4 Hot Tips from one of our Florida Keys Wedding DJ's

Written by DJ Russ Ginsberg

1.) Song Lists

If you give your DJ a list of songs, keep it limited. Just give him 15 or 20 of your MUST play songs. You don’t want to have your Florida Keys Wedding DJ just pushing buttons. 

Hopefully you have hired a DJ that knows how to read a crowd and keep the dance floor rockin.  By all means you can tell him what you don’t like, but let him use his creativity to keep your party hopping through out the night.

If you do give your Florida Keys DJ a list, make sure that you have taken into consideration the wide variety of guests, ages, and musical tastes. Although it’s your wedding, you do want to make sure that all of your guests have an opportunity to get out on the dance floor. Remember, Uncle Bob and Grandma Rose might want something a little older than your wedding party is used to.  A good wedding DJ will know how to fit that in and when to do it. A good DJ will take care of the older guests at the beginning since they tire out first and save the booty music for later on.

2.) Stay Away from Obscure Music

After years of experience, guests are more likely to get out on the dance floor if they are familiar with the songs. 

3.) Hire Florida Keys Wedding DJ's

Try to stay away from a club DJ. Clubs are great but a wedding is a totally different scene and it’s important that your wedding DJ is good on the mic. Your Grand Introductions and other announcements at a wedding should be done with excitement and enthusiasm. Club DJs don’t normally have that mic etiquette you would seek at a wedding.

4.) Meet/Speak with your Florida Keys Wedding DJ

Lastly, meet or speak with your DJ before hiring them. Make sure you feel that connection or as I call it, that ying and yang, that warm and fuzzy feeling. I always try to establish a warm connection with my brides and grooms. I want to know them and almost become friends with them. Your DJ is a major part of your wedding and they can make it or break it. Make sure you feel comfortable with your DJ with no reservations. You should be able to have complete trust in your DJ.