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Trending Wedding Themes of 2023

Which style are you incorperating?

It’s 2023, when thinking weddings what exactly are we imagining? Are we rustic vibes? Or maybe a minimalist? 

  1. Boho-Chic Romance: Bohemian-inspired weddings continue to be popular, featuring whimsical floral arrangements, flowing dresses, and natural outdoor settings.
  2. Art Deco Glamour: Couples are embracing the elegance of Roaring Twenties with Art Deco themes, characterized by geometric patterns, luxurious gold accents, and vintage vibes.
  3. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly:  As environmental consciousness grows, sustainable weddings are on the rise, featuring eco-friendly decor, plant-based menus, and zero-waste initiatives. 
  4. Modern Minimalism: Minimalist weddings focus on clean lines, neutral color palettes, and simple, elegant details, creating a sleek and timeless atmosphere. 
  5. Rustic Luxe: A twist on the classic rustic theme, rustic luxe weddings combine natural elements like barn venues with upscale decor, creating a cozy yet elegant ambiance. 
  6. Tropical Paradise: Tropical-themed weddings are all about vibrant color, lush greenery and beachfront settings, transporting guests to a paradise getaway. 

Here in the Keys, we are more than likely to see a lot of tropical paradise themes, but you can add in bits and pieces of other themes as well to make it unique. Some details of themes below.