How to Get Your Marriage License for the State of Florida

How to get a Marriage License in the State of Florida

How to obtain your marriage license and Florida Marriage Requirements for the State of Florida. 

In Order to be Issued A Marriage License.

The First Step in order to obtain and acquire your Marriage License for the State of Florida is to apply for the license at any Florida courthouse. 

All Applications must be made in person. 

In order to receive the license, you must be at least 18 years or older and have a Passport or State Issued ID. 

The Cost of a Florida Marriage License is $86 (Made by check ,credit card, or cash) . If you are a Florida Resident, there is an additional discount you could receive when taking a pre-marital course. 

  • Must Be 18 Years Or Older
  • Must Be Issued In Person
  • A Valid Photo ID
  • Cost for License $86
  • Must bring previous marriage dates Information (below) 

When The Marriage License Will Be Issued and Able to Use.

If You Are Both Florida Residents

If you are both Florida residents, you will be able to get your license right away, however, you will not be able to legally get married until after the three day waiting period has expired. 

If you wanted to expidite the process, and get married on the same day you receive the license, you will have to take a 4 Hour pre-marital course before hand. 

  • A three day waiting period
  • 4 hours of premarital counseling (For same day marriages)   

If You Are Both Out of State Residents

If you are both Out of State Residents, there is no waiting period. You will be able to receive your Marriage License and perform the ceremony the same day. 

  • There is No waiting period 

Previous Marriages

If either applicant has been previously married, the exact date of the last divorce, annulment, or death must be provided. Although not necessary, You should bring a copy of your divorce decree with you at the time of your application. 

After Receiving the Marriage License.

Once the Marriage license is received in hand, you will have 60 days to perform the wedding. 

Some officiants will offer to file the license for you or it will be included in their services. 

If having a friend or family member perform the ceremony, you will have to file it your self. 

Make sure the officiant prints and signs his name as well as fill out all necessary fields. 

You must file the license back in the county in which you were married. 

All licenses must be filled out in BLACK INK!

Frequently Asked Questions.

How Long is the License Good For?

You will have 60 days to perform the wedding after the license has been issued.

Can I Apply for a Marriage License Online?

Currently, all applications for Marriage license must be made in person for Monroe County. However Palm Beach County is accepting Online Services

Do I have to Apply for the License in the Same County as the Wedding?

No, any license filed in the State of Florida, can be used anywhere in the State of Florida.

Do I need Witnesses for the Wedding?

No, there are two lines on the license for witnesses but they are not mandatory.

Is a blood test required?

No, blood tests are no longer required to receive your marriage license.

If we applied in Dade County and performed the wedding in Monroe, Where do We file the license?

You can apply and obtain the license from any county in the State of Florida, however, the license must be filed in the county in which you applied. So if you applied in Dade County, and performed in Monroe County, you would file the license in Dade County.

Can we file the license by mail?

Yes, you can mail the marriage license to be filed.

Are We Married after receiving the license?

No, it is just the certificate. You will officially be married once ceremony has been performed and the officiant has signed the license.

Clerk of Court Locations for the Florida Keys
By Appointment Only

Key Largo

88820 Overseas Highway Plantation Key, FL 33070 (305) 852-7145 Hours - 8:30 am - 5:00 pm


3117 Overseas Highway Marathon, FL 33050 (305) 289-6029

Key West

500 Whitehead Street Key West, FL 33050 (305) 292-3458

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