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Wedding Fort? Historical Venue

Historic Wedding Venue

Fort Zachary Taylor is a historic military fort located in Key West. It was named after the President Zachary Taylor and construction began in 1845. The fort played a significant role during the American Civil War and Spanish-American War. It served as a base for the Union troops and played a crucial role in maintaining the Union’s blockade of Confederate ports during the Civil War. 

Throughout its history, Fort Zachary Taylor underwent several expansions and modifications. The fort’s strategic location at the entrance of Key Wests harbor made it an essential defense point for the United States. Over time, its importance as a costal defense declined, and it was used for various purposes, including a military prison and a quarantine station. 

In the 20th century, the fort was largely inactive, but it was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1973. Today, the fort is a state park a popular tourist attraction, offering visitors a chance to explore the well-preserved fort, learn about its historical significance, and enjoy the beautiful beaches and recreational activities in the area. 

In this case used as the backdrop for nuptials. Amanda and Thomas used the beach for their vows and ceremony and the actual fort for their memorable historic wedding photos. So much beauty and history in this location. Below are some highlights of the day.