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The Fisherman’s Knot Union

What does it mean?

The symbolic tradition of ‘tying the knot’ began in ancient days and has been carried through into modern wedding ceremonies,
from unity knots tied with decorative rope or cord, such as the traditional fisherman’s knot. After the ceremony, the couple can take the knot home and display it as a reminder of the promises they made on their wedding day.

The fisherman’s knot is the tightest knot there is. The knot never unravels and only gets tighter as more stress is put on it (meaning that the more trials you go through in life will bring you and your partner even closer). This being a symbolic union to show the strength to come in the marriage.

The knot also fits in very well with the nautical theme that goes with a lot of the beach ceremonies in the keys.

Below are some highlights of the Fishermans knot ceremonies which are included in our packages.